Saturday, August 11, 2007

What a surprise!

So here's a funny story. The Monday after school got out I was coming home from dropping the kids off at VBS and thought for sure I saw someone I knew from Granite Falls here in Twin Falls (12 hours away!). I quickly dismissed it because the night before I swore that I saw a teacher that teaches at MCE, also.
As my eyes were diverting off the car, back to the road, the driver began to laugh at me. Next thing I know the back seat window goes down and Lorraina was sitting in the back. I hit the breaks, clearly showing a look of bewilderment!
After having a good laugh, Diana explained that they were on their way back from a trip to Utah and thought they would try to find me. They used the address I gave in the report cards and a map they picked up. They went for a trip to the gas station then came back for a looksie around the house. What a fun time and a great surprise.
Anyone else planning on dropping in soon?

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lorraina said...

that was great! it was nice to see you again! you should have seen your face!!!