Friday, April 27, 2007

Jo Jo’s stay with Lorraina

First, Jo Jo and I went to Delaney’s house. We did our homework and some AM. Then we all ate a pizza. Jo Jo couldn’t finish his whole pizza, so I helped him.

Next, we went to my house, and had some fun on the trampoline. It started to rain, so we wrapped him in my warm coat. Suddenly it got too rainy, so we ran inside. Then, we were a little bored, so we went on the computer to make a music video to bellybutton. Right when the music started, Jo Jo started dancing. It was so hilarious; we were cracking up. But soon after Delaney had to go home.

After that we were bored. We took our boredom to my room, and just hung out there. After that Jo Jo was pretty hungry, so we went to look for something to eat. Finally, we decided to eat some honey bunches of oats, and anything else we found. When we were completely full, we watched Night at the Museum. Finally we were so tired after such a long day, so we dozed off.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

JoJo and Warren

JoJo And I
When Jojo and I got home from school, he met my bunny, PhooPhoo and my dog, Rocco. Then we went to my friend Kylie’s house. We jumped on her trampoline. After awhile we headed home. Jojo did a handstand when he saw my big yellow truck and drove it to dinner. He had dog food and said he liked it better than spaghetti.

We set up his tent, started a fire and watched a movie called Open Season. We also played a board game, then we went to bed. In the morning we packed his bag, ate cereal then went to school. We had a lot of fun while he was visiting.

Zena and JoJo

Today when Jojo and I got home, I looked at my frog and Jojo would not stop looking at the frog. I did my homework and Jojo was still looking at my frog. My cousin got home and sat with Jojo. She liked Jojo. She played with him forever. Jojo sat with my cat Muzzle. She smelled Jojo and then Jojo sat with my dog Kuzco, who did not want to do anything with Jojo.
Then me and Jojo and Kari sat on my bed and watched Fantastic 4. I love that show. I think Jojo did too. I started to get hungry and so did Jojo. Me, Jojo and Kari ate some Red Vines. We had pizza for dinner. I'm not sure if Jojo liked it or not. Jojo got hungry again and had dog food.
We played outside for awhile than it was time for bed. Jojo slept on the floor.
In the morning we had breakfast. We had waffles. I gave Jojo more dog food so during class time he would not get hungry.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Main Events of James Pease

Think back on our story so far. What are some main things that have happened in the story? Please write down 3 main events. For each main event include two details that explain what you remember from that event.

Here's an example from our last book:

1. Sarah Nita's village was captured by the blue soldiers. Her sister and her were tending the sheep when the soldiers came. Their dog kept them away from the village until it was safe.

(In my first sentence you can see the key idea: the capture of the village. The next two sentences were details explaining what else I remember about that event.)

That is just one example of one main event. I would like you to do that for 3 main events from our current story about Sgt. James Pease.

Jordan and JoJo

First JoJo met the cat. Then he saw my dirtbikes. He just had to sit on them. He watched me do my homework. Then we ate dinner and hung out with my family. Lastly, we watched T.V.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Nick’s Days with Jo-Jo

On Thursday when I got home with Jo-Jo I was going to do something with him, but I got bored so I left him on the counter for a half hour. When I did my homework at the counter Jo-Jo was there and wanted to do it as well. Jo-Jo didn’t want to do my homework as much as I did. After that he wanted to play video games. When I was going through the channels Jo-Jo stopped me to watch his favorite show the snow channel. (static) He had watched it for about an hour before he got to eat dinner. He ate food but it was dog food.

Around 9:00 we ate snickers from my brother's party that he had the day before. We ate so much candy that I got sick and threw up. Jo-Jo slept at my feet because he didn’t want to get sick. He wondered if I wanted to play or if I was asleep. The next day Jo-Jo and I didn’t get up tell 1:00pm. Jo-Jo saw a beast outside and I told him it was Taz my dog. He was so eager to go see him that he wanted to go through a wall to see him. I put Jo-Jo on top of Taz’s head!!!

He wanted to go outside and play anything. He was going to play basketball and soccer. He figured out that he could play both. When he played basketball he got stuck in the net trying to dunk the ball and during soccer he saved every goal that was shot.

On Sunday his dream came true!!! He was able to get though a wall to get to the dog. My dad popped a hole in the wall that morning. He was so excited that he went through it and said hi to Taz all day. I didn’t have to do anything all day with him because of the hole. Taz and him became friends and played tug a war.

Friday, April 20, 2007

James Edmond Pease

1. What are two ways that James is like you? Include information from the story and your life to prove your answer.
2. What are two ways that James is different than you? Include information from the story and your life to prove your answer.
This assignment is worth 4 pts. You need to explain each answer, giving examples.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

JoJo's Stay with Kelsey

When JoJo and I got home he was tired from the walk that he had to go in my massage chair (see picture). After that I got bored so JoJo and I went to go jump on the trampoline. JoJo saw my dog Reese. He got scared so JoJo crawled in my dog’s old toy house. And then my dog Reese and JoJo became friends and started to play.
After that we had to eat dinner. JoJo did not like the salmon though but I did. Then the clock said 6 and that is when I do my homework so he had fun watching. But I did not have fun trying to do my homework.
Then JoJo and I watched TV until 8:00 then we had to go to bed so he slept in the other side of the room and I slept in my bed. Then my mom came in and woke us up at 6:30 -7:00 then we had to get ready for school.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

JoJo Potato's Time with Shayde

JoJo Potatoe's time with Shayde was like Disney Land, only better!
The first part was a bad start because every body was grabbing him on the bus. Then we finally got to my stop. We had a snack then feed and watered the animals. After that we got to my room and did some homework.
Later we had some tasty cold leftovers which was chicken and sticky rice. JoJo got furious when I told him he could not eat my chicken bones because they where deadly to dogs.
After that we played with my cat Grendle. He also found my Easter candy and hugged a chocolate bunny. It was so cute that I had to take a picture! After I did that he found my dog's clothes. They where way too big, but he found a bed that he really liked so I put it in my room on a pillow.


Padilla Bay Field Trip: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly?

So what did you think of the field trip? Did you like it? What did you like the most? Were there any parts you would have changed? How about boring parts? Talk about your experience in 6-7 sentences. I would like to see a paragraph with an introductory sentence, some key ideas and details, and a closing sentence. Get to it!

Daniel's day with JoJo

Jo-Jo and I played lots of times. Jo -jo rode in my blue mustang he had fun! Then he met one of my best friends. They both posed in the picture; it was funny. Jo- jo liked watching TV too much but I did not really mind. Jo-jo also liked watching me do my homework but I did not like doing it. Jo- jo thought the fire place was too warm so I got him outta there. Jo- jo got really really tired of all rides poses watching so he decided to do one other pose, so we did.