Thursday, March 22, 2007

JoJo Visits Riley's Home

Today after I got home, Jo-Jo met my dogs, Taz and Goober. Jo-Jo wanted to ride Goober. I put him in his back pack and strapped him in and he had a blast. Some times he got scared but he still had fun.

Then we went out and played basketball. Jo-Jo made one basket. He then got hit by the ball and had to sit out a while. He was back in again and made a slam dunk! He probably jumped up about 5 feet!

After we played basketball, he played in the dog house. Taz and Jo-Jo lay down and fell asleep for awhile. I had to wake him up because he was asleep.

After he took a nap, we did some football practice. Jo-Jo made a couple of touch downs. He was so happy! He was so small that I couldn’t touch him, so he won 20 to 12. We played some catch. He couldn’t catch very well for some reason. Then we went in and ate some tuna casserole. Jo-Jo was starving, so he ate like a pig. He ate 4 scoops of it!

That is my day with Jo-Jo. I hope you liked it!

Conclusion to Sarah Nita

WASL practice questions using our SS book (2.4.1)

1. What do you think would be the worst parts (2) of Sarah Nita's long walk and time in Fort Sumner? (Include information from the story in your answer)

For SS extra credit:

2. How might this story be useful to someone who wants to study US History? (include details from the story in your answer)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dreaming of a Sunny Break!

What are your plans over Spring Break?

Shiloh Movie

Please write one sentence for EACH of these story elements:

Describe the setting

Tell the problem of the story

Tell the solution of the story

Describe the main character

If you did not watch Shiloh, please answer these for the book that you read with your partner. Make sure you tell me which book.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jo Jo Potato and Anna

When Jo Jo Potato and I were on the bus coming home, everybody thought he was a cute little dog. Katie said that he was a cute little munchkin and she liked his little tongue sticking out.

When we got home, we watched my brother Isaac play cool video games. Jo Jo liked them. After watching my brother play games, we decided to get ready for swim practice.

When we got to swim practice, Jo Jo wanted to sit in the lifeguard chair and he felt like the king of the pool. After swimming lessons, Jo Jo and I did homework. He thought it was confusing, but we got through it.

After home work, we got to do anything we wanted. So then we had a dress up party with funky clothes. He was embarrassed, but he still had fun.

Then we had some fun with my dog Buster. They were friends at first sight. So we got some pictures of them sitting together. They even had a long conversation of barks.

At the end of the day, it was already 9:00. So we brushed our teeth and went to bed.

Good night Jo Jo Potato.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Delaney's Day With Jo-Jo

On Friday I had a good time with Jo-Jo. First we met with my friends Tiana, Shayde and Lorraina. Then we went to my house and practiced some double dutch. Jo-Jo wanted to jump but she couldn’t, she just got tangled up in the ropes! When our practice was over Jo-Jo and I went outside in the backyard and played with my dog Cocoa. All my dog did was sniff Jo-Jo. It wasn’t that fun. Later we went to the school and played basketball. She was too short to make a basket so she watched me for a little bit.

Soon it was almost time for dinner so I had to come home and feed the dog. Cocoa didn’t even come running to her food like she used too. She sat on the stairs and sniffed Jo-Jo. Once I came back onto the deck and took Jo-Jo, she ran to her food. Then we went on the computer and played on cool Our eyes started to hurt so we went into my room and danced. Jo-Jo didn’t stop moving when the music ended! Later that night we had dinner. For dinner we had a hot dog and an apple. The apple was to big for her to eat so she just had a hot dog. Then I went to bed around ten and Jo-Jo, well, she went to bed right after dinner.
I had an awesome time with my new good friend Jo-Jo!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Jo Jo’s Stay with Lindsay

JoJo and I played with my dog Brandi when we got home. Jo Jo said it was like riding a horse but it was a dog like he is. He loved it but he fell off once. Luckily he is okay. He said it kind of hurt though. He also said it was the best thing he had ever done.
After that he helped me pick a color for my room. He said that he liked the color’s spacious sky (blue) & garden spot (green). It took us a long time to pick a color. But we finally picked two colors. He said that he couldn’t wait to get the answer yes or no from my nana. He was very excited when she said yes.
Then we had dinner. He wanted spaghetti so that’s what he got. He couldn’t eat it all so I had to help him. He said that it was his very best meal ever. He also wanted more for a snack twenty minutes later. Of course I said no because he just ate dinner.
After dinner we watched TV. We watched the fairly odd parents. He sure laughed a lot. He laughed about everything. He loved to watch TV we sat and watched TV for hours and hours.
Then he went to sleep with my dog.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kids of Character! (Thursday's Writing)

Using the Step Up to Writing Format, please list three character traits you have or would like to have. Please give these key ideas (yellow) some details to show examples of the traits you chose (red). When writing, don't forget to start with telling your reader your three traits (green).

Please see my example in the comments and use the froggy board for some important traits (ideas). Good luck.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Maniac Magee

Thinking back on Maniac (that rhymes!):

What do you think would be the worst part of Maniac Magee's homelessness? When answering, include two details you remember from the story in your answer.


Chose a word that best describes a character from Maniac Magee. After telling the character's name and the describing word you chose, use two details from the story to explain why this word best describes that character.

Archie Smith, Boy Wonder

Title: Archie Smith, Boy Wonder

Subtitle: A tiny voice asked, "Is he the one?"

Today you are to write a beginning for this story. Beginnings have some elements to them. They are to hook the reader in a new and interesting way. Then the beginning reels in the reader by introducing characters and their backgrounds. Try to think of an exciting way to make your story different than the other kids' in the class. A common mistake for kids’ stories is they give away the whole story in the beginning. Be sure you know where the story is headed (what the end will be), but try to keep the mystery secret. Encourage the reader to want more.

Now you are ready to write the first chapter! I am expecting multiple paragraphs (hit the enter key when you change topics). Good luck.

If you finish early, search Google for “Archie Smith, Boy Wonder” to read some other great stories kids have written for this picture. Or read and comment on your classmates’ stories. Remember, be specific if you comment.

Feelings on Sarah Nita

The author of Sarah Nita chooses events that stir up feelings in the readers. Describe an event and how it caused you to feel. First name the feeling and event, then list two details from the event that explain why you feel this way.

Friday, March 9, 2007

When I Look Around Me...

What do I see?

This morning we are going to work on descriptive words (word choice). In case we get visitors to our blog that haven't seen our room or surroundings, let's lay it out for them. What does it look like around here? Obviously clean and organized, because we all know Mrs. Hartney has got serious issues with that. But what else?

Look at something and try to describe it. Every object needs a good adjective before it can be used. For your assignment, please describe three different objects or areas in our classroom surroundings (3pts). Feel free to go above and beyond, trying for a 4!

If you finish early, read other student's comments. Praise any great describing words that you read.