Saturday, August 11, 2007

Twin Falls

It has been a very busy summer, working on the house. We remodeled our kitchen and did some other pretty big jobs around the house. However, my summer is coming to an end. I know, you feel for me. With MWE getting out so late due to the floods and crazy snow and school over here starting on the 27th of August, the summer just disappeared. I hope you are all getting freaked out about MS. It won't seem so bad in a few months. Hah! Miss you! Take care.

What a surprise!

So here's a funny story. The Monday after school got out I was coming home from dropping the kids off at VBS and thought for sure I saw someone I knew from Granite Falls here in Twin Falls (12 hours away!). I quickly dismissed it because the night before I swore that I saw a teacher that teaches at MCE, also.
As my eyes were diverting off the car, back to the road, the driver began to laugh at me. Next thing I know the back seat window goes down and Lorraina was sitting in the back. I hit the breaks, clearly showing a look of bewilderment!
After having a good laugh, Diana explained that they were on their way back from a trip to Utah and thought they would try to find me. They used the address I gave in the report cards and a map they picked up. They went for a trip to the gas station then came back for a looksie around the house. What a fun time and a great surprise.
Anyone else planning on dropping in soon?

Monday, June 11, 2007

D.J. and Jo Jo

First me and Jo Jo got on the bus. He wanted to breathe out the window so I let him and I almost got in trouble for it. When we got off Jo Jo checked the mail. He got a ride in my brother’s backpack instead of walking. Then my baby brother wanted to hold him. He really loved my Westie Terrier. He wanted to play football in our room. He tried to take some spaghetti noodles. I told him not to steal my cheesecake pie. Then we went to bed . When we woke up he wanted to take another picture so we did. He told me we had a good time.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tuck Everlasting

Who is your favorite character in Tuck Everlasting? Give me two reasons why. (Bubble gum to the most complete, original and well thought through answer).

Thursday, May 10, 2007

JoJo’s Time at the Assembly

Greg Reporting:
JoJo had a great time at the assembly. Jojo really liked the polar bear’s pajamas. He said that his feet were getting numb from sitting there on the floor. JoJo also said that he was thirsty and that he wishes that he had the hot chocolate in the story to drink. He told me that he wants to write a book about how annoying cats are (but I do not think that cats are annoying because they are loving and friendly). Finally, he said that he wants to go in the snow with the polar bears.

Syd and JoJo

When JoJo and I got home from the boring bus I had to do my boring homework before we could play. JoJo got very bored watching me do all my homework so I turned on the T.V. He strolled through the channels and finally found one that he liked. That only kept him busy for a little bit until he got tired of it. He told me to hurry up. I finished shortly after that.
Then we went outside to play. JoJo met my crazy little puppy Gizmo and my hyper dog Zsa-Zsa. They both got along with JoJo very well. We all ran and played in the yard for a while enjoying the lovely day. Then we went to the hammock to catch our breath and take a break. JoJo liked the hammock like Gizmo does. Zsa-Zsa is too big for it so she just laid next to us. It was very peaceful except hearing the dogs panting.
We were starving and thirsty so we asked my mom if she would start dinner. She said she would in a minute so we got something to drink. Finally the moment came when dinner was ready and we could eat. I was so happy! I thought I might die from starvation. JoJo didn’t want any tacos because he wanted to be a true dog and eat dog food like my dogs. So I got him some and fed my dogs too.
After dinner we were fat and happy and then my whole family watched a movie. We watched Ice Age 2 The Meltdown. JoJo thought it was really funny like my whole family did. We were pretty pooped by the end of the movie and were ready for bed.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Anabel with JoJo

First we got home. JoJo was happy. Then JoJo was hungry so I gave him food. My dog loves JoJo, like his other toys. He followed me where ever I went with JoJo. Then JoJo helped me clean my room. My dog came in my room and started to play with JoJo. I was like, “No Chico!” Chico is my dog and I love him like a brother.
JoJo liked having cube 93 but I told him that they say bad words in their songs. Later in the day, me, JoJo, my sister, Chico, and another dog, Hanna walked around the loop. Then JoJo was getting wet. We had some Go-gurt and went to bed. I hope you guys liked my day with JoJo!