Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Anabel with JoJo

First we got home. JoJo was happy. Then JoJo was hungry so I gave him food. My dog loves JoJo, like his other toys. He followed me where ever I went with JoJo. Then JoJo helped me clean my room. My dog came in my room and started to play with JoJo. I was like, “No Chico!” Chico is my dog and I love him like a brother.
JoJo liked having cube 93 but I told him that they say bad words in their songs. Later in the day, me, JoJo, my sister, Chico, and another dog, Hanna walked around the loop. Then JoJo was getting wet. We had some Go-gurt and went to bed. I hope you guys liked my day with JoJo!


Mrs. Hartney said...

Your photos were great. They captured the sweet nature of your dog. You should keep practicing with the camera, maybe that will be a talent of yours. Thanks for your effort with your writing. So many good ideas!

Delaney said...

I loved your photo of your dog, Chico is sooooo cute! It sounded like Jo-Jo had an interesting and fun time at your houes.

Anna $ said...

I love your dogs face!!!!!!!!!!

coby said...

I like your day with JoJo.

lorraina said...

Anabel, sound like you guys had fun! And Chio is so cute!!!!!!!

lindsay said...

Anabel i love your dog!
is the other dog hanna or is it someone elses

warren said...

Your dog is so cout.

Kelsey said...

Anabel i am not suprised that chico thought jojo was a toy! i would think so to if i was a dog i like your stay with jojo story.

Riley said...

Looks like he had a great time!!

D.J. said...

You guys walked around the whole loup?

aiden said...

nice dog!!!

Zena said...

Anabel it sounds like Jojo hade a good time.

Shayde said...

I love your dog

greg said...

Hey Anabel it seem's like jojo had a good time.

Anonymous said...

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