Thursday, May 10, 2007

Syd and JoJo

When JoJo and I got home from the boring bus I had to do my boring homework before we could play. JoJo got very bored watching me do all my homework so I turned on the T.V. He strolled through the channels and finally found one that he liked. That only kept him busy for a little bit until he got tired of it. He told me to hurry up. I finished shortly after that.
Then we went outside to play. JoJo met my crazy little puppy Gizmo and my hyper dog Zsa-Zsa. They both got along with JoJo very well. We all ran and played in the yard for a while enjoying the lovely day. Then we went to the hammock to catch our breath and take a break. JoJo liked the hammock like Gizmo does. Zsa-Zsa is too big for it so she just laid next to us. It was very peaceful except hearing the dogs panting.
We were starving and thirsty so we asked my mom if she would start dinner. She said she would in a minute so we got something to drink. Finally the moment came when dinner was ready and we could eat. I was so happy! I thought I might die from starvation. JoJo didn’t want any tacos because he wanted to be a true dog and eat dog food like my dogs. So I got him some and fed my dogs too.
After dinner we were fat and happy and then my whole family watched a movie. We watched Ice Age 2 The Meltdown. JoJo thought it was really funny like my whole family did. We were pretty pooped by the end of the movie and were ready for bed.


Mrs. Hartney said...

Syd, (like in IceAge)
I loved your writing. Word choice like "strolling" and "pooped" and "starvation" added a lot to your story. It was so organized and many, many ideas. Great work!

Anna said...

What chanl did he wach?

Lori said...

Syd-I loved your writing! nice word choice too!

Delaney said...

You are such a great writer! Jo-Jo had to have a fantastic time! What T.V. channel did Jo-Jo watch? What did you and Jo-Jo do outside when you went to go play?

coby said...

I like your dog names.

lindsay said...

i love your writing it is really good

Kelsey said...

sydney i liked your dicribeing story. also it sounded fun for jojo to get to swing on your hammock and get to play with your dogs

dustin !@##@! said...

What show did Jo-Jo watch.

Riley said...

I never knew Jo-jo was a true dog?

aiden said...

What did jojo watch.

Annabell said...

It sound that you guy had a lot`s of fun.

NIk4 said...

How bored was Jo-Jo when he had to watch you do your homework.

daniel said...

you really wrote alot seems like jo-jo had fun.

Shayde#1 said...

I like how you and Jojo and you sat on the hammock.

Greg said...

Hey Sydney it's funny that he got tired from t.v.

james said...

Whate did jo-jo watch

Delaney said...

I bet that Jo-Jo had a great time with gizzy and Zsa Zsa!

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