Monday, March 12, 2007

Archie Smith, Boy Wonder

Title: Archie Smith, Boy Wonder

Subtitle: A tiny voice asked, "Is he the one?"

Today you are to write a beginning for this story. Beginnings have some elements to them. They are to hook the reader in a new and interesting way. Then the beginning reels in the reader by introducing characters and their backgrounds. Try to think of an exciting way to make your story different than the other kids' in the class. A common mistake for kids’ stories is they give away the whole story in the beginning. Be sure you know where the story is headed (what the end will be), but try to keep the mystery secret. Encourage the reader to want more.

Now you are ready to write the first chapter! I am expecting multiple paragraphs (hit the enter key when you change topics). Good luck.

If you finish early, search Google for “Archie Smith, Boy Wonder” to read some other great stories kids have written for this picture. Or read and comment on your classmates’ stories. Remember, be specific if you comment.


Kelsey said...

In Archie Smiths room that he might be intrested in sail boats because he has a sail boat right above his head and he just might be intrested in one more thing because he has a yoyo on his window seel. Another thing is the too eyes that say his he the one they might be magic. I also would say that Archie might be about maybe ten years old. Another thing is that the people might whant him for somthing special maybe for like one of his skills.

Dustin said...

Archie Smith is a very young man. Infact he is only 10. His hobies are building model boats,yo-yo's,and baseball.
One night he went to bed and he heard alittle voice say,"Is he the one". He doesn't know what it was but he knows two little lights were involved.
The next morning he tried to tell his parent's. Obviosly they didn't believe him. They tried to tell him that it was just the telivision crime show. Or the neighbors trying to figuire out something that happened. Like who missed the toilet because there was yurin onthe floor. He knew that it wasn't.
Thatnight he heard it again he looked up but the lights wern't there. Sohe figuired out the lights had nothing to do with it. Sohe tried toforget it. He thought his friends might be pulling a prank. But they said,"They were in bed".

Coby said...

I think that mr.Archie likes sail boats, basball and yoyos because he has them in his room.
There are two lights that look like they are special. They look like they mean somthing.
There is also the moon,Satern and Venese in his window. They look very close to Earth right now.

Anabel :) said...

Archie Smith loves to paly baceball and he got hit in the haed and the litse and the the litse said Is that the one. The siolboat above it haed his daddy give it form his bithday.Archie is allsome 6 yaer old . Archie lives in Now yaek in the city He lives with his Mom & dad and sister Mima, and his dog boom.

Dustin said...

Kelsey,where is your three paragraph's.

coby said...

Dustin I like how you said his hobies.

Kelsey said...

Lorraina i realy liked it when you talked about maybe what the boy was reading about i thought that was cool.

|:)GREG Hi! said...

This is a boy who is 1o years old and 5 feet high. he wears size 6 inshoe size.
He likes to play baseball and yoyoing.
Their was aliens in his room that dark and cold and gloommy night and the boy did not never know it.
His name is jobob and he has no friends and his mom and dad are never home with him.
Than all of a suden the aliens dis apered in a blick of a eye and then Jobob woke up right after the aliens left .

Delaney** said...

Archie Smith looks like an active kind of kid. He has a base ball bat on his windo seel. He obviously likes yo-yo's becuase he also has one on his windo seel.
Archie lives in a house on Hector street.It is a nice qiute place to live.
There are these little lights that are coming through Archies windo. They are whispering to him saying "Is he the one?".
Archie has waken up but then the lights disapear! Will Archie ever know what those sounds were?
Yes he will becuase in the morning he wakes up agian and he sees them. But he is not sure what they are. They start talking to him and asking him questions. Archie is not sure what they are talking about so he will not answer them.

Anabel :) said...

Kelsey I like how you told detais about his room. you forgot the setting the story

Anonymous said...

Archie Smith, a nine-year-old boy dreaming about sailboats. But he is having a hard time sleeping with an anoying light shining in his eyes. Kayla, his neihbor and her sister Sam stay up until two-thirty in the morning just to bug him. At least that's what he thinks they're doing. The lights turn off. Archie finally relaxed.
It seems as if Archie oly got sleep for a fraction of a second. Because before he Knew it, the alarm clock was yelling at him. Archie just wanted it to shut up and let him sleep, but Mrs.Smith assighned him chores on Saturday. The hot day seemed to drag by, being a summer day in Connecticut. The temprature was 92 degries.

Riley said...

One night a boy named Archie was was going to bed he was 12 years old 5ft brown hair lived in the contry he heard a noise it was only Jake what are you doing I was only returing the mitt and bat you let me use so then Archie whent to bed.
so the next day Arichie went to schoolwhen he got back from school it was dak out around 9:00 and Archie went straight to bed 2 hours later Archie awoke and went to the bath room when he was back in his bed his side of his face stared to glow so Archie turend to look what he saw would change his life the light zoomed out the window Archie dashed to get his bace ball bat to wake that thing back to where it came from.

The next day Archie woke to the smell of french toast Archie said to him self "I had the wildest dream" then he splashed cold water on his face then he ran down to get his fair share or french toast after he was done he went to school Archie came home from school early beacuse he was sick.

jordan said...

Thier was a boy named Archie smith.he had just came back from a base ball game.

daniel said...

There was boy named Archie Smith. who was 12 years old and saw flashing lights everywhere he was.

Zena said...

Archie smith is a 12 year old boy who likes sail boats and sports like bass ball
And so on. One night he went to bed and saw too lights he heard IS HE THE ONE??? He clutched the blanket to him. The lights shined around his room. He slowly took the blankets of the lights diapered he jumped out of bed and looked around the room. He heard IS HE THE ONE??? Agene. He frected out. He thought what did I do.

Sydney said...

A boy the age of eleven sleeps in his bed sound asleep in his house.
Yesterday he had a baseball he was so excited but when the game ended he was so dissapointed. His team lost once again. This boys name is Archi. Archi Smith. He likes playing baseball but the team that he plays on is not so good.
Archie gets made fun of alot at school and doesn't have any friends. At school he's very quiet,lonely, and sits by himself. Archie wishes someday he'll have a best friend.
Archie is now sleeping but suddenly wakes up from a bad dream. He sits up and shakes his head as if to shake the dream away, but when he lays back down he notices that there was voices. He sits back up and thinks he's still in a dream but soon he finds out he's not.

Anonymous said...

"Archie Smith, Boy Wonder"
A tiny voice asked, "Is he the one?"
"Yes I think so" said an other tiny voice, as two balls of light
aproched the open window. slowly
the two balls of light were
gliding through the air to the widow. As the two lights entered the window two more balls of light
were allready there flutering around a sleeping 11 year old boy.
The two balls that had just arived
had joind the others in the flotering then sudenly all four sudenly stopped, one of the four slowly aproched the boy's desk then a smaller light came through
the window atached was a note for the boy to read. then all the balls of light flou through the window.

Lorraina Michelle said...

Greg--shoe size!?