Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shiloh Movie

Please write one sentence for EACH of these story elements:

Describe the setting

Tell the problem of the story

Tell the solution of the story

Describe the main character

If you did not watch Shiloh, please answer these for the book that you read with your partner. Make sure you tell me which book.


Delaney said...

I think that the problem in the story was that Shiloh always got beaten by Judd Travers. Once he found Shiloh with that scar on his face he new that it was judd's dog and that Shiloh would probably get beaten again. Marty kept Shiloh away from Judd but then Judd found out that Marty had his dog and was threatining to hurt or kill his dog (Shloh) if he ran away again.

coby said...

#1 the story goes frome morning to night. #2 this kid found a dog that he wanted but could noght keep it. #3 the oner took the dog and went a little wase and let the dog out. #4 the main charecters name is Marty he is the one who wants the dog realy bad.

Delaney said...

Hey Dustin, why did you do all of the catogories???

nick$$ said...

The ng of the story is Marty's house, his house is small and clean.

The problem in the story is that Jedd is being mean to Shilo.

The solution is that Marty works for Jedd for twenty hours to pay for Shiloh.

Marty wares a pare of white pants and a t-short, he always wanted a bike until he saw Shiloh.

lindsay marie post said...

the Borrowers
(1)The setting is under the floor bords of a house.
(2)The problem in the story is that mrs. driver thought that she seen a rat and is haveing the house poisend for rats.
(3)The solution is that the boy broke the grating on the side and he hoped that they got out of the house in time.
(4)The main characters are the boy and Arietty.

Riley said...

My story is Caddie woodlawn the setting is in the Wisconsin country one of the problem is that there uncle took there dog so he could teach him to be a hunting dog. But when uncle Edmund wrote a letter telling that Nero ran away everyone was very dissapointed. The problem was solved at the end of the book Nero came back and that he ran all the way from uncle Edmund's house. Last is the main charecter is Caddie she has long red hair kinda she has two brothers and one sister she lives with her mom and dad in Wisconsin.

Annas %100 said...

(1)The setting was in an small town that did not have assfalt.
(2)The problem was that Marty wanted Shylo,but Jed Travers would not allow it.
(3)Marty went and werkd 4 howers for 5 days.
(4)Marty was a bealver and would not giv up Shylo.

Delaney said...

Oh and you also did a nice job Dustin.

Dustin!! said...

The setting was about 1997.
The problem was Marty wanted Shiloh but Judd wouldn't give him to Marty.
The solution was Judd said if Marty works five hours for five days he could have Shiloh.
The main character is Marty. He is about nine years old, he wears raggy clothes,and he has long blonde hair.

nik$$ said...

why you make big name all the time.

warren said...

guge mistreats his dogs.
mortea warks very hord.
the sub busbs.

dustin!! said...

Why thank you Delaney

riley said...

Hey Coby cant tell what you mean???????

dustin said...

Because I whant to Nick C.

Anna ! ! ! said...

Dustin,Marty workd 4 hwers each day not 5!!!

nik$$ said...

OK dustena i thought you would tell me i spelt your name wrong.
well watever.

Sydney said...

This story takes place at Marty's house, Judds house, and at the shed on the top of the hill.
The problem was that Judd mistreated Shiloh and Marty made a deal with him to work for the dog for five days, but then Judd wouldn't give him up.
Judd finally let Marty have Shiloh because he knew that it was the right thing to do.
The main character Marty, is very determined.

d@niel$$ said...

the problem in the the movie was that Marty worked hard to earn the Shiloh but Judd did not let Marty keep him. The solution was at the end of the story Judd felt the felling of how much Marty worked for the dog and gave Marty Shilo. He is nice has blonde hair and wears really old clothes.

Greg=) said...

The setting of my story was on a peach.The problem of the story was that James aunts were evil people.A nother one was that they have to figure out how they are going to NewYork.The solution of the problems are that James got string on seagulls.And that when they got to NewYork James aunts went to prison for abusing a child.The main character is James Henry trotter.

Kelseyy said...

In the borrowers that me and my parners read the setting was at the borrowers house under a floor board that was under peoples house.
Main Character
The main characters in the book are Arriety is the child that actually met a real human but pod her dad or mom Homily did not know that though. Pod Arriety's dad was a little pertected over Arriety. Holimy the mom realy was not that pertective over Arietty.
The borrowers problem was that they could not be seen by a real person the borrowers called them giants. Because they would be in big troubel because there is no more of them they would probely have a very bad life after that.
My story solution was that the Borrowers never got seen and nobody got caught borrowering because everything the borrowers own is borroed.

shayde! said...

#1) The setting was the sububs.

#2) I think the problem was that shiloh got beat.

#3) Martey was a kid who would give up anything to save Shiloh.

Zena said...

The setting was at the boys house and they had a hill thatthey go up and tried to hit the cans with a gun.
The problume of the story was the man who had shiloh did not take very good care of him he hit him in the head with a gun.
The solution of the story is the kid who wants shiloh has to work for the owner of shiloh.
the main charcter is nice,smart and dirty alot he falls alot to and sit's on the grond to. In the movie if he rilly ants somthing he gets his minde on that and dose not want to give up. This is a kid that dose not want to give aney thing up and is willing to fight. This is a kid who loves this animal.

Delaney said...

The setting of the story was at Marty's house,Judd's house,and the shed on the hill.
The solution is that Marty convinced Judd to let him keep Shiloh and he did.
The mian character is Marty. He is about 11 years old and has long blonde hair.

JORDAN $$$ said...

the setting is in the woods.
the problem is the boys get captured.
the boys get saved by a rat catgher.
the main charecter is the whiping boy he has messy hair,dirty clothes,and the clothes are torn.

Delaney said...

The setting of the story was at Marty's house,Judd's house,and the shed on the hill.
The solution is that Marty convinced Judd to let him keep Shiloh and he did.
The mian character is Marty. He is about 11 years old and has long blonde hair.

aiden said...

Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMH
The setting is Mrs. Frisby's house,Mr.Fitzgibbon's house,Dr.Schultz's lab and air ducts. One problem is if Mrs.Frisby didn't move her house before Mr.Fitzgibbon plowed the field her house would get plowed.The solutionis she ask some of the rats if they can move her house.Mrs.Frisby was scared of heights now she isn't she was also shy now she isn't.

Zena said...

Kelseyy yours is so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NIK$$ said...

whos writing is the best here

Kelseyy said...

I thought we had to do a long discreptoin

jacob said...

Caddie Woodlawn
The setting was along time ago in Wisconsin
A problem in the story was almost at the end Mr.Woodlawn got a will
witch said if he went back to England he would be come very welthy. They din't want to leav but they knew it would be best.
the solution was they toke a vote
of who wanted to go and stay at the end they staid.
The main character is adventure bond and is a good speller.

anabel said...

the peomle was when the guy hit him with the gun the dog got a bad eye. the sitting was at the woods and the chid house and cild work for the dog but the guy said the dill was of so the cild cant have the dog but in the very end the guy to the dog with him and he feelt bad and let the cild have the dog. the en d