Thursday, March 22, 2007

Conclusion to Sarah Nita

WASL practice questions using our SS book (2.4.1)

1. What do you think would be the worst parts (2) of Sarah Nita's long walk and time in Fort Sumner? (Include information from the story in your answer)

For SS extra credit:

2. How might this story be useful to someone who wants to study US History? (include details from the story in your answer)


JoBob (example) said...

1. In the book Sarah Nita had to spend several years in a crowded fort. Can you imagine staying in a dry field with thousands of strangers for several years? There were no bathrooms, houses, and poor food. They were out of there natural surroundings which gave them peace and made life worth living. No thanks! It sounded terrible.

Mrs. Hartney said...

JoBob, Your answer was full of details but you only gave me one example of a worst part. I asked for two.
Also, based on your AR test, you need to do the extra credit. Try again.

Nick C said...

Here are 2 things that I think were the worst parts about Fort Summer.
(1)Sarah Nita had to say in the fort for a long time.She had to stay in the fort for four years!!
(2)Sarah Nita and her family was given food that they didn't know how to prepare.

jordan said...

walking and know bathroomes.

dustin said...

(1)The worst part would be they had no food and water for such a long period.(2)The story would would be helpful because it tells how the indians got captured.

riley said...

(1)The worst par of Sarah Nita's time at the fort is when they frist arived they could not find there perants. (2)The second one is that all the soldiers where mean and they had to walk with the soldiers for a long time like a month or some thing like that.

coby#10000000000000 said...

I think the worst part of the story is when the mom was having a baby and fell behind. I also dont like it when the people came and took the two kids.

Anabel said...

I think the wost part as when she lost her paetnts. And when the soilde had to shoot the laitn when she was having a baby .

Kelseyy said...

1.the worst part was when the robbers came and got the parents. Also another reason why i thought it was bad because it would be terrible seeing someone in your family getting tukenen away.
2.Also i thought another bad or sad part was when the girl whent under the water and died. That would be a terrible way to die but that is what i think. more thig is that when they would have to stay with the hot hot sun and be croded with people.

warren said...

when she has no mom or dad and she dident hav so much water.when they wher capcherd and when they fell behined they would get shot and got sick food. and no courn.

Shayde said...

(1)I think the worst part of Sarah Nitas long walk was that if they got left behind the blue soliders would kill them or leave them to die in the snow.
(2)The worst part of Sarah Nita staying at Fort Summner was waching her dad suffer and piking thrugh horse dung to get corn.

lindsay marie post said...

i think the worst part of sarah nita's log walk to fort sumner is that.....
(1) sarah nita had to hope that she whould not fall behind. In fear that she whold be shot if she did.
(2) also hearing that solger shot the woman that colapsed and went into labor.

daniel said...

sara nita was in a horrible placee she and her family did not eat good food she got corn out of horse manure.

Zena said...

(1) I think then worst part of the long walk was that when alot of people died crossing the river and that one time when her relotive fell under water with the baby.
This might be help full to some one who wants to study US history becuse they might want to know where all the rivers are and what could happen to them and what to be aware of and maby they want to see the map of that place.

Greg=*( said...

(1)I think that the worst parts in the story would be when sarah nitas parents got took by the solders.(2)The second one would be when they found their mother and herd that their father was realy sick.(3)The last whould be when sarah nita had to put her hand in undigestive manure to get corn.

Lorraina said...

The worst part of Sarah Nita's long walk would be: That it is really far and it would make you very tierd and hungry.

Sydney said...

I think the worst part of Sarah Nita's long walk would be trying to keep up with everybody and not fall behind.
I think the worst part of staying at Fort Sumner would be not having a shelter,staying outside in the cold, and having to eat flour by itself.

Delaney said...

I think that the worst part of Sarah Nita's long walk would have to be that they walked and walked for miles and only taking breaks when the soldiers would let them. They also could have died from all of the warmth in the summer and the getting frozen or frost bite in the winter.
The other worst part about the timein fort summer would be that Sarah Nita didn't know her parents until a long time later,she had to sleep outside in the cold,and that Sarah Nita and her sister Kaibah new nobody. Also for food, Sarah Nita had to pick corn out of cow manure.

jacob said...

(1)I think that the worst parts of being in Sarah Nita's disposishon would be losing my parents and haveing to find them strved and hurt. And haveing to leav my home
to live in a new strang place.

JAMES said...

#1. One of the indeins could not walk no more because she was about to have a babby so one of the white men shote her.

Mrs. Hartney said...

Scores for this assignment:
Nick C (1) Be specific. What made the fort bad and not like a vacation spot.
Jordan (1) Right ideas, but a bit more effort on your writing sentences. Our blog is supposed to help improve our writing.
Dustin (0) They did have food and water, Dustin. They didn’t have food they were used to. I will give you one point for the extra credit.
Riley (2) Good details. Proof read your spelling before you post please.
Coby (2) very specific details. I also didn’t like those parts.
Anabel (2) good ideas.
Kelsey (3) Great explanations and thoughts on the book. I don’t think it was robbers, but rather soldiers that took away the parents. I gave you an extra point for your effort!
Warren (2) You amaze me with how much you remember from these books!
Shayde (2) Specific details. I like it.
Lindsay (2) Good neat words. Do you know how to do a capital on the computer? I can show you.
Zena (3) good memory. I like your ideas. You earned an extra point for your extra credit!
Greg (3) I love your recent effort and insurance plans. It earned you an extra point.
Lorraina (1) More specific details from the book, please.
Sydney (2) I agree!
Delaney (3) You hid many worst parts in your answer. Lots of ideas.
Jacob (2) like your word choice, although your spelling needs some help.
James (1) good memory. Sorry you ran out of time. Good effort.