Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Main Events of James Pease

Think back on our story so far. What are some main things that have happened in the story? Please write down 3 main events. For each main event include two details that explain what you remember from that event.

Here's an example from our last book:

1. Sarah Nita's village was captured by the blue soldiers. Her sister and her were tending the sheep when the soldiers came. Their dog kept them away from the village until it was safe.

(In my first sentence you can see the key idea: the capture of the village. The next two sentences were details explaining what else I remember about that event.)

That is just one example of one main event. I would like you to do that for 3 main events from our current story about Sgt. James Pease.


Nick C. said...

1.James goes to a tobaco shack to get food. Ablack woman doesn't let him in. He starts to beg to get in.
2. James's friend died. The rebs killed him and his dog. James was mad at the rebs.
3.James ran away from his uncle and aunt. He left and they didn't notice he gone. He couldn't believe that he was forgoten.

Kelsey said...

3 main events of the story are.
1.When James Edmond Pease found the shacks there was smoke coming from the chimieney and then the lady named Sally and she let him in the second time and feed him some left over out of the kettle.Also the soliders came to see if James was there butt the lady said she did not know him and he was not ther.
2.James Emond Pease has got chosen for sargent so now James is sargent James Edmond Pease.
3.james and Shara alsways write to each other and james looked every were for a pohoto stand every were and he could not find one but then finaly found a photo stand he asked the man if he would take a picture of him and mail it if he gave him money and the photo man said ok and said i will mail it for one dollar and james said ok so james got to mail Shara the picture. Those are the tree main events of the story.

riley said...

(1)James left his home. His aunt and uncle didnt relize he was gone. His aunt and uncle always blamed James for every thing that whent wrong. (2)James got promoted to sargent. James took Lt.???? place. James didnt want to be sargent. (3) They went into the big battle. James got nocked out. James got lost after the battle moved away from his posison. (4) James met sarah.
Sarah gave him food and a bed. James left with someother people to weave through the reb camps.

riley said...

oups its sally!!!

Zena said...

(1)The part I think is an main event is when he got lost from his group when a bom hit.
(2)The second part that I think is a main event is when he was runing from the troble signals.
(3)Then the last main event is when he left with Sally and her brother and his wife and there kids and hen they where 100 feet away from the soulders and the little girl would not go in the forest becuase it was so dark

james said...

[1] James got shot at but the mini went and stuck in his journal.[2]His freind and freinds dog got killed.[3] A black lady let james com in and eat and she hid him from the solders.

Anabel said...

1 james was almost got by the soilder at the Indes house her and her brother and his wife and 3 chinters are going to escap in the midle in the night.2 James was almost killd by a boml but he dig down and he was saft. 3 James esacp from his ant and aucl house the never nots that he was gone for a day . 4 James was witting letter to his friend sister he had a drame that he told her to married him and had four kinds.

coby said...

#1. James is a lucky boy becouse, he got shot at and the bulet went half way through his diary.#2 James foud a tabaco shack and sally let him stay with because, sally new there were people in the woods that want to kill them.#3 James, sally, sallys brother,wife and kids went to try and find a safer place.

lindsay said...

(1) James ran away from his aunt and unckle and joined the civil war. At first james olny joind in the war to get a good meal and some boots.
(2) also james almost got shoot. he got shoot in the hat and inbeaded in his journal was a minie.(3) Then he got prmoted twice. first he was a privite then a genral then now he is a sargent
(4) Also he got kocked out by a explosion and cant rember barley any thing. he is trying to find his way back to the other solders.

Shayde said...

1- One main event was he ran away from his Ant and Uncles house and they didn’t know he was gone he joined the army.
2- Another was he met a girl named Sara over a letter and they really likes each other.
3- Now he is lost and he is escaping with a girl and her uncle and his wife and kids.

lorraina said...

1)James almost was shot. James found a bullet in the journal he keeps in his shirt. Then the other soldiers started passing it around as a good luck charm.
2)James got a letter. Sarah and James started writing eachother.Eventually, Sarah said she wanted to marry him.
3)James found a cabin. There was a cabin in the woods, With a woman named Sally living in it. Sally gave James food and had him sit on her bed to eat it.

daniel a. said...

1. james dog has died and also his friends from the war the rebels killed them. 2. james met sally and sally took care of james and hide him while the rebels were in here house. 3 james did not get angry when the guy did not anwser.

Sydney said...

1. James joined the army. He was asked by L.T Toms to write down events in a book. He made a friend named Jhonny.
2. James almost got hurt. A bullet came and hit Jame's diary inside his shirt instead of him. A bullet hit his hat off and barely missed Jame's head.
3. Sally took care of James. She let james come in and she gave him food. She covered up for James when the Reb soldiers came to her doorstep asking for him.

Delaney said...

James’s parents died.
1. James’s parents had died so he went to go live with his aunt and uncle.His aunt and uncle didn’t realized that he had left home.
James got into the army.
2. He got in because he signed his uncle’s name. Someone else got in because he was so tall.
James got a letter.
3.James got a letter from somebody named Sarah. He kept sending back some letters and in one of them he gave Sarah some money to hold onto. John was Sarah’s older brother and he said that by giving her that money, that was like purposal.

jacob said...

In our story of James Pease 3 Main
Parts of our book were that he ran away from home to join the armey.
James's fiend and his fiend's dog
died. James fownd a woman to help
him find his way to his commpeney.

aiden said...

1. James was looking for food. He found a tabacco house and he kept asking a girl if he would give him food and he would’nt stop bugging her. So finally she gave him food and let him in her house. 2. James was shot at and he had his journal in his shirt.The bullet hit him in the journal.It got stuck in the journal and did'nt hit him.So now people pass it around for good luck but not to long ago someone had it and he got shot. 3. Johnny's sister sent a letter to James.He's never got a letter in his life.James had a dream that he asked Sarah Johnny's sister to marry him.

Anna said...

(1) His aunt and uncle did not notes he was gone. (2) He sat in the woods all day. (3) He sinned the army form with his uncle’s name. (1) He almost got killed. (2) The journal caught the bullet. (3) All his friends would pass the bullet. (1) He got lost because a shell. (2) He was knocked out by it. (3) A black woman took him in.

DUSTIN said...

(1)James joined the army.
He used his uncle’s name.
Willie got in because he was so tall.
(2)James got knocked out.
His head hurt really badly.
He got separated from his men.
(3)He met Sally.
He wants a picture of her.
Johnny says their in love.

GREG=0 said...

(1)I think that one of the main events is that when James got in the army. He got in the army because he used his uncles name. And he left because his aunt and his uncle did not know that he was gone. (2) Next when he became a Sergeant. He got to be the Sergeant because he was so good at keeping the journal. And when James called Shelp`s name he did not answer to it. (3)Last when he went with Sally and her family. Sally let James in her house. They had to get by a dozen of solders to get to there destination.

jordan&$$$ said...

1.jamses friend got killed by a reb. 2.james fell asleep in a shack full of tabaco.
3.james got chosen to be a sargent.