Friday, April 20, 2007

James Edmond Pease

1. What are two ways that James is like you? Include information from the story and your life to prove your answer.
2. What are two ways that James is different than you? Include information from the story and your life to prove your answer.
This assignment is worth 4 pts. You need to explain each answer, giving examples.


Delaney said...

How James peas is different from me is that one, he is a boy in the army and two, he is spending a lot of his time with some snoty boy's.
James and I are alike in some ways like, James and I both are scared of the loud bombs.Another way that we are alike is that we both would not want to get shot especialy.

Anabell said...

I think James is like me is that my ant rally dosent care about me when I slepp over and he likes wirting letters like me.James is different he is in the war and Iam not . He is asol different by having friends in the war.

DUSTIN!!!@ said...

James like me because (1) we both tell people what to do.(2) He is also like me because we both like
girls.(3) And were both boys.
He is different from me because(1) he is sixteen and i am ten.(2)He is in war and i'm not.(3)He's a sargent and i'm not.(4)He almost got shot twice I did'nt.

Kelsey said...

Two ways that james is like me is..
1.I would do the same thing to look for a picture to send to somone but i would not look every were for the picture stand.
2.Also when james pulled out shelp out of the marching line and asked him why he was no there for the patrol i would ask he why he was not there for patrol and tell him to keep on marching line.
For two ways that me and james are diffrent because..
1.In the first place i would not put myself in the war and you can tell that he is in the war.
2.When james almost got shot it did not seem that he was that scared and i would be so scared i would not want to walk i would want to run realy fast but james walked.

coby said...

James is like me because, James is a boy and he doesnt like the war. James is different than me because he is older than me, and he has got shot at and I havent.

lindsay said...

one way james is like me is that if my family dident notice i was gone i would run away to goin the war. another way i an like james is that if a reb almost killed my firend i would try to kill them in return.
one way i am different from james is that i would not have wanted to carry around a journal all the time. another way i am different from james is that i would not have acepted the promotions to genral nor sargent at all.

daniel said...

james and me are alike because he hates war and so do I am like james because i am brave. I am not like james because he goes to war just for food and some boots i would go there for a reason. another reason is because he has one sister i have three.

Zena said...

Im like James because I would be scared like when he almost died but he ducked. I would stay at war for the boots and food if I was pore.
Me and James are different becuase 1 he is a boy 2 I wold not run up in front of the groupand run after the group in fog

Shayde(= said...

One way James is different from me is he is a boy and is in the army.Also he is dirty and gets money.2-James and I are alike because we dont like rebs and there army.Another is him and I do not want to die

warren said...

james is brave.he charged at the rebs.hes loky to.the jurnle saved him. when he dukt a bollit hit his hat insted of him.

riley said...

One way he is like me is In battle I would hug the groud just like james. When the Cassion exploded James hugged the ground.
If I was in battle I would drop down on the ground and stay there!! Another way James is like me is. James dosent like to fight. He told us he hates fighting when they whent in to there first couple of fights. And if I had to go in to battle I would hate it as much as James.

One way james and I are differnt is when he charged the enemy by him self. I would never do that!
Another way is he enlisted in the army. I wouldent do that because I might not see my friends or family again.

Anna =) said...

(1) I think that I would doge that bullet,or at least try. (2)I am also the kind of persen that would shair my expereance,like that bullet he passed around. (1)One thing that maks us differint is,I would not carry thet book in my shirt.Butt,it is a good idea. (2)I also would never leav home. I would just not help around the howse. That would make them mad.

GREG=0 said...

James Peas is different from me because (1) he was in the amy and I am not. (2)He is also sixteen years old.James and I are alike because he is(1) a boy and so am I. (2)We both shot fire arms in are life.

james!!! said...

One way I am the same as james edmond pease is that I have the same name.The seconde reson is we are reson we are differint is I am not in the army.The seconde resonewe im differnt is because I am not in a book.

lorraina said...

James is like me because:
1.In the beginning he just wanted to sit around and wait until the war is over.I am kind of like that sometimes, like I want to sit around and do nothing.
2.James and some other soldiers were passing around a bullet that almost went through James. I thinke that siple things like that are special.
James is not like me because:
1.He is a 16 year old boy in the war. I would not go in war or be a 16 year old boy.
2. he carries his journal in his shirt.I hide mine in a drawer or under my bed.

Sydney said...

Two ways that james is like me are,
(1) He is afraid when he has to battle,I would be really scared too.
(2) In the story Shelp doesn't take James ceriosly and that bothers James. Like when Shelp wouldn't answer to James as a sargent. That would bother me alot too.
Two ways that James is different than me are.
(1) In the story James is 16. I am only 11.
(2) In the story James chases the other army off by himself, I would probably not do that.

nick C.*** said...

James is the same as because he doesn't want to fight and he does a lot of dum things. He is diffrent from me because he is in the war and that he is older than me.

Julian said...

this book was so fucking lame

Julian said...

this book was so fucking lame

Theresa said...

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